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Im seeing something I really dont like. Its the dissolution of the quality single player game. I think it started with those online Java-type games that many people could play at once. Some people over at Sierra saw that a certain segment of the market liked multiplayer games enough to pay for something that had no single player capabilities. They also saw the interest people had in playing Quake and the like over the Internet. They came up with Tribes. Tribes had no compelling single player mode. You couldnt even play it by yourself at all. They did put alot of work into innovating on the whole CTF type game.
Now we have two games that are in direct competition with each other. These two games are Quake3 and Unreal Tournament. The game designers really took the lazy way out here. They didnt try to innovate anything, and they just pushed out some multiplayer drivel for the holiday season. I think multiplayer only games are lazy and wrong.

The best FPSs Ive played have been the ones with real storylines and challenges in a well-thought out single player campaign. Half-Life is INCREDIBLE in single player. Sierra spared no expanse in creating a challenging and involving single player mode. The multiplayer mode was terrific as well. Kingpin was also excellent. Its based on the aging Quake2 engine, but it put in some effort to differentiate itself from the sci-fi pack. It may have overdone some of the violence and profanity, but it was still an engrossing single player campaign with NPCs who werent always a friend or enemy, they reacted to your actions and intentions. The multiplayer mode of that game is my favorite of all. It has some at least half-assed realism, and it requires a bit of thought, not just twitching and shooting some poor high ping player for a cheap kill.

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